Enough with the inconvenience please…

Don’t we all just hate being inconvenienced? Someone needs a ride unexpectedly and you don’t feel like taking them… A friend asks for a few bucks, but you’ve only got a few left… You get that phone call that he or she just broke down on the freeway, of course you’re late for work… We’ve all had those moments where inconvenience is what we dread the most. 

But what happens when we expect the unexpected… when we accept that inconvenience is not only going to happen, but we embrace it with open arms?

We grow! We grow as friends… We grow in our love for others… We show people God… And the best thing… We find that inconvenience is nothing short of an incredible blessing shrouded by our own selfishness.

Friends, be willing to be inconvenienced. You’ll find that God uses you far more than you could ever imagine. And just think, you will be His hands and His feet in those most inconvenient yet precious moments…

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