What do all these things have in common?

– A 1943 penny found in a dresser drawer recently sold for $100,000
– Levi Jeans by Daniel Hirst auctioned at $27,500
– A Worn out GI Joe doll discovered in someone’s garage ended up being worth $3,500
– An old beat up baseball card stumbled upon in an attic worth $250,000

All of these items could have easily been tossed aside, thrown out and not even given a second thought. It took another glance, a double-take, a deeper understanding to realize the value they truly represent. But the bigger question is this: How many people enter our lives that we kick to the curb and don’t believe are worth very much, at least not worth our time. You know them…

The weathered old man collecting cans in the back of the grocery store… The tattered homeless guy asking you for a bite to eat… The rebellious kids spray painting the wall outside the local office building… The young girl sitting alone in her car with tears running down her face. They are all over the place, not too hard to find and really ARE worth something…

Friends, these people have significant value and are worth far more than a rare penny, some fancy jeans, a first generation doll or an old beat up baseball card. The saddest thing of all is that they don’t believe they have any value whatsoever. They feel worthless, hopeless… But that’s where we come in.

These people just need you, they need me, they need love, they need God. But it’s our responsibility to show them this love… We are to be the reflection that brings them a glimpse of eternity, a tiny pinnacle of light that says they matter to someone, because they DO matter.  They matter desperately to God and they should matter to you and I as well.

So the next time you see someone who doesn’t appear like they are “worth” the time, take another look. You might just need to get a little closer to see the true value they have inside…

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