Want to know why we can’t stand the religious zealots?

You know who these people are…
– They are the one’s that demand you live the way they do; righteously…
– They pretend they have it all together, but we know the truth…
– They are total hypocrites and don’t fool us for a second; we see them for what they really are…
– They think more of themselves than they do of others… they’re pathetic!

But why do they make us so angry?  What is it about them that gets our blood boiling? Maybe it’s because often times, we are the one’s that are religious.

Can you relate to the following?
– Your spouse needs to get with the program and take care of your needs… Isn’t that what the bible says?
– A friend of yours just blew it, and you say to yourself, “I’m glad I’m not that stupid. He needs to get right with God!”
– Someone flies by you going 80, and you think to yourself, “What an idiot.  I hope a cop nails that jerk…” as you roll through the next stop sign.

Religion stinks, but the reality is that we are ALL religious and we simply don’t like to see it when we look in the mirror.

Folks, it’s time to get REAL!
– Real with our own struggles, admitting that we can be just as sinful as the next person…
– Real in our relationships with others, knowing that we need as much grace as they do…
– Real with a God who loves us; daring to accept His forgiveness after we confess how wretched we’ve become…

Once we have this incredible realization, we see people differently.  We see them with grace. We give them compassion. We accept them right where they’re at, and we come to the place where are are no longer “looking” for things wrong in them, rather we pray for them, asking God to bless them, even when they sin.

And, finally we accept that we are a desperately fallen person that needs an immeasurable amount of grace our-self!  This is what give us the freedom to love those that fall short all around us.  We act like Jesus towards them, instead of like a judge looking for justice.

Dare to see people through the lens of grace.  It’s a freedom that deals a death blow to your anger, resentment and piety.  It’s a freedom that only comes from being real with ourselves, God and others…

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