Living this life often times feels very lonely…

…and often appears as if God has completely left us. Just ask Jesus…

He was betrayed by one of his own disciples, denied by one of his best friends, left with only silence by his Father as He pleaded for the cross to not be the only way, insulted and shamed by his own people and family, beaten senselessly by the Roman soldiers and hung on a cross to experience an unbelievably agonizing death. But God had a plan in Jesus’ loneliness and pain… You. You were His plan…

And God has a plan in your silence too. But it often takes time.

When your world feels like it’s crashing in all around you, take a moment to remember what Jesus went through on your behalf.  You will gain a completely different perspective, knowing that God is working in your life in a way that you simply don’t see.  AND, it’s an awesome work that will be revealed in its due time…

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