To HELL with church!!!


Yes, that’s passed through my mind a few times over the years… Maybe it’s made the craggy trek across your mind too? It may have never left your mind! In either case, I can certainly understand where you’re coming from…

You might think that church is a dusty old place where people go because they need a “crutch” in life. Or, you might believe the church is a money grubbing group of selfish thieves looking for a payday out of the folds of your wallet! You may even believe that the church is littered with a bunch of “wandering zombies” flailing around with their hands outstretched spouting the mantra, “praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord.”  Point being, most of us have experienced church in different ways; some good and some down right ugly…

Let me propose to you that the church is simply “people” just like you and me. It’s not a building and it’s not a belief, it’s people.

Some of us are broken, a few angry, many sad, many more disconnected, but all of us are sinful and often downright tired.  Sadly, many people miss that we (the church) can also be filled with joy, peace and an unquenchable love!  A love that can only come from a people that have experienced the grace found in their savior, Jesus.

And the best thing about finding a really great church is that it’s a place where you can find rest… Real rest… The kind of rest that all of us really want deep down inside.

Are you tired? Maybe it’s time for some rest. The “church” is filled with people just like you and me that help each other, encourage one another and bring the healing and rest we all need.  And remember, you might just be surprised what you find!

(Revised re-post)

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