I’m absolutely finished…


Man can life be hard!  Fighting with my wife, opening my mail and finding a bill for a thousand dollars that I wasn’t expecting, my car making a funny noise now.


At every turn, this life promises so much, but seemingly delivers so little.  My guess is most of you can relate.

How’s your marriage looking these days?  Is the job panning out the way you’d hoped it would?  Did the kids decide to take the path you took as a youth?  I shutter at the thought…

Really think for a moment about your life.  Yes, at times it can be pretty darn sweet, but more often than not, it’s downright tough.  And then there’s the fact that I live inside my head.  That’s where reality is, right???  And in my mind I’m often defeated, angry, lonely, sad, depressed or disappointed.  Even when everything on the outside is looking good, the inside isn’t quite up to par.  It often speaks a different story.  But I no longer have to live there, it’s been laid to rest…

Today is a day where I’m declaring “I’m Absolutely Finished!”  I’m done with this life.  I’m finished with living on my own terms.  And Jesus said something interesting on this day a couple thousand years back.  He uttered the phrase, “It is finished.”

But what is finished?  What changed after he was beaten, insulted, whipped, mocked and eventually killed on a cross?  Jesus would tell you, death is finished.  That’s what he was referring to, death.  It’s finished, done, over…

Most of you have heard of Good Friday.  It’s a day that celebrates the death of Jesus and the mark of a new beginning.  It represents the final death blow to the problem of sin in this world.  And for that we can truly throw a huge party.  But I don’t believe it ends there…

It is also a day that celebrates a new way to live.  I can now claim that my difficult marriage can be healed.  My kids can walk the narrow path.  My mind can be lifted out of the dark clouds.  I can claim (you can claim) it is finished!  It’s death to my old way of living and life to a new way.  Jesus’ way.

Let me encourage you to take a moment to reflect on what kind of life you truly want to live.  Is it a life that hangs onto death, or one that clings to the power of Life!  Jesus doesn’t have the answer, He IS the answer!

He brings life through His death to OUR lives.  It’s so simple and so incredible.  Thank you God for sending your Son to die for us so that we can truly live…

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