God, you are impossible…


Anyone who spends any good amount of time reading the bible quickly realize that God often works in ways that are completely out of the box. He never seems to do things the way we think He should (or even could).

He parted the Red Sea only after leading His people up against the threatening shoreline.  All of this taking place just as the Egyptians were pursuing them to what appeared to be certain death. Couldn’t God just have taken the Israelite’s another direction and kept the Egyptians from pursuing them?  Of course He could have…

God also let an innocent man sit in prison for 13 years because He wanted to save the Israelite people from a great famine. Why didn’t God just keep the famine from taking place where the Israelite’s were currently living?  No doubt God could have come through in a much easier, more predictable manner…

And then we see Jesus miraculously taking just a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish to feed thousands of men, women and children as they became hungry. Why didn’t Jesus just prearrange to have the “In-and-Out” truck show up at dinner time?  He certainly knew the people were going to be hungry after a long day of seminars…

The stories go on and on and on. God does the most crazy things to meet the most simple challenges. I mean think about it, these aren’t very impossible needs to meet, but God uses impossible ways to meet those needs. Why?

I think it’s very simple, God uses these radical means to show us that it’s Him who is coming through, not man. It’s God who gets the praise for saving the day, not a person.

And when we are faced with incredible situations, we often think in human terms too. If God would just do xyz, I’d be just fine. But He doesn’t, and we wait. We wonder. We panic. We freeze. We do everything but trust. And He patiently waits for us to reach the end of ourselves so that He can do something impossibly beautiful in our lives.

Whatever your situation is today, God will probably meet you in the most unique and crazy way. But you simply need to trust. Have some faith. Allow God to put you up against the raging sea, or into a prison for an undetermined amount of time. Because when He’s ready to act, it probably won’t happen the way you think it should. It will happen in a way that leaves you saying, “Only you could have done this God, thank you!”

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