You better watch yourself, I’m tired of your…

unhealthy-relationshipIt’s just too easy to go off on people these days.

  • Your spouse pisses you off with attitude.
  • A friend gives you the eye.
  • Your co-worker makes a sly comment about you that passes within earshot.

In any case, you get all fired up for what I believe is all the wrong reasons…

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. ~ Ephesians 6:12

Jesus said some radical things like “turn the other cheek” and “give them your shirt too.”  Of course this is right after they were smacked on the other side of their face and had their coat stolen moments before.  Seems harsh, but I think Jesus is getting at something really big here that quite frankly, none of us like to take a hard look at.  The truth of that matter is that sometimes really hurtful things happen to us and our natural reaction is to spew the same poison that we were just splattered with.

But the real issue isn’t the issue, it’s what’s behind the issue.

Have you ever stopped to think why the person did what they did? Has there been any real thought as to the motivation behind their attack? The Word of God tells us pretty clearly that our enemy isn’t who we think it is, our enemy is a dark and evil power commonly known as the devil, Satan, the great deceiver and many, many other “wonderful” names.  He is the real problem, not what you “think” is the problem.  And we certainly do have to attack back, but it’s how we attack and who we attack that might be different.

The bible teaches us to pray for our enemies, love those that aren’t really lovable, and even reach a hand out to those that just hurt you. Yes, it’s radical, but Jesus was radical.  He never asks us to do something that won’t produce great results.

But Jon, how can I love someone that’s just hurt me?  How can I “turn the other cheek” so to speak?  That doesn’t even make sense.  I totally get what you’re saying and what I’m NOT saying is to be a door matt or a punching bag.  Being in an abusive relationship is not healthy for anyone, but that’s not my focus here.  There are day to day relational issues that are really painful that Jesus wants us to take a back seat to.  He tells us that if we show greater love than the hatred we’ve endured, that love has a much better chance of winning in the long run.  It’s love that changes people, not returned hatred.

Want to be radical? Want to be different than just about everyone you know? Then love people, even when they don’t deserve it. Allow yourself to be humbled and to not always try to get even. Get to prayin! Take a knee. Make the person who’s hurt you the object of your affection. This will cause the real enemy to flee your situation.  Your love will push the devil right out of your dilemma.  The most amazing thing? It will change you into a deeper and more loving follower of Jesus! #sandalschurch #ROGO #loveoverhatred #turntheothercheek

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