Hey guys, my Dad is throwing a huge party for my Brother! He’s asked all of us kids to let everyone know. And the best part? You’re all invited!!!

I’ve been a little discouraged. Over the past couple of weeks, my Dad told me that even though all the preparations have been finalized; an incredible “A” list band, wine that you will not believe, and world class food, almost everyone invited has said they’re too busy to come. Most of the folks my brothers and sisters asked came up with the lamest excuses! One of them told me he had to wash his car, another girl said she’s going out with another friend that night. I mean, this is a huge party that nobody wants to miss!!!

Well, my Dad told me and my family to go out and find anyone, even people we don’t know! He wants this party to be off the hook because he’s kind of a party guy. He even told me personally to go out on the streets (if you can believe that) and invite people that nobody would expect or even want at their party. I couldn’t believe it! I told him, “Dad, are you crazy?” He responded that he just loves people and that he wants them there. He really does have a huge heart!

So we invited EVERYONE and it’s kind of strange… The people I expected WOULD be coming, you know the rich ones, the movers and shakers, the people that have it all together, aren’t the one’s coming. Strangely, It’s the people I never would have guessed in a million years that are coming; a guy who feels worthless and lives behind a grocery store, a girl that was raped repeatedly as a young girl and now barely survives as a prostitute, and an old, old man that used to work for a big oil company who lost everything; he’s coming too! There’s so many people like that. It’s funny, all the people showing up seem to be those that have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go figure.

Anyways, the party is going to be awesome. You don’t want to miss it! I hope you’re all there. Love you guys!

PS: Dad says he loves you too!

This is my take on Matthew 22:1-10. Yes, it’s found in the bible. I hope it speaks to you…

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