The Real Me: Deceitful


I hate to even admit this, but I have realized over the past few years just how deceptive I can be. It all started with the realization that when I was a kid, I would make things up just to look good. I would come home from school, my mom would ask how my day was, and I would blurt something out like, “I hit a home run today in softball.” A seemingly un-harmful variation of the truth, but it was setting me up for a very deceitful future.

As the years went by, I found myself lacking in self-value. I didn’t think much of who I was, so I had to paint a different picture. My inside never matched my outside. So, on came the exaggerations, amplifications, elaborations, embellishments and aggrandizements. A new version of truth became commonplace; became my reality.

Fast forward to today and I still find myself struggling in this area. “I didn’t wake up at 6am, I got up at 5:30am.” Why would I say that? Because I look better getting up earlier than when I actually did. “It took me 5 hours to complete that assignment, not the 3 hours it actually took.” Same reasoning, I’ll look better by stretching out the truth.

“A person making things up tries to make himself look good. But someone trying to honor the one who sent him sticks to the facts and doesn’t tamper with reality.” (John 7:18)

There was something in this verse that really struck me this morning. First of all, it states the obvious, “A person making things up tries to make himself look good.” Yup, I get that one. But when it goes on to say that honoring people is sticking with the facts, it makes it less about me and more about you! I want to honor you with my life, not stretch the truth with dishonor.

It has truly been a terrible curse to feel the shame and guilt that goes along with these overstatements. And, it’s sinful to boot! I end up heaping on even more shame when something shameful is actually sinful. But I need a way out of this wilderness; a rest for my soul that is grounded in truth.

I’m learning every day how to fight this twisted side of me. I’ve confessed this to my boss, my close friends, and I’ve even asked them to hold me accountable. I know I’m on my way to a more truthful future. I’m fighting this battle and with God’s help, I will win.

Why is this all coming out this morning? Two reasons. First, it feels SO GOOD to confess my stuff, to be real. I know, that sounds really strange. But, there is immense truth in confession (James 5:16). Our vision at Sandals Church is to be real with ourselves, God and others. I’m committed to living out that vision. (But please be careful who you share your stuff with. This isn’t an open invitation to just blurt out all your sins. There’s wisdom in when, how and to whom).

The second reason? I want you to find healing yourself. Perhaps you are an exaggerator? Maybe there’s an area in your life that you’re not exactly pleased with? Would you do one thing? Confess those sins to someone that loves you. Confess to a person that wants to see you heal and grow! Being real will be the best step you have ever taken. You will find yourself honoring people, honoring God, with your becoming an authentic person.

Love you all!

Shamelessly, join us at Sandals Church any time! We’re located in Riverside. You’ll see what being real really looks like!

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